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I will just put this out here and say it, I have never been a Batman fan, I have never read the comics, worn any t-shirts but I have seen every film and am torn between the Tim Burton and the Christopher Nolan portrayal. But now I finally have a version of Batman that I can actually enjoy and others seem to agree! (more…)

The lovely folks over at Dublin Comic con have announced prices and the location of their massive convention. Below are a few links to information that could be useful to anybody who wants to book their ticket and find out more about the event….There’s also a nifty video bulletin where i show off my upcoming Cosplay “Vector” from Resident Evil Raccoon City. (more…)


We here at Akroview love zombies and all things horror so it was no surprise that we saw this and thought “yup this could be worthy to grace our sd card!”

But what first seemed to be a dull endless running game turned out to be much more addictive, or should we say infectious, then we could have ever thought. (more…)


Now I know we are a bit late with this review but when you entranced in the beauty that is known as Columbia than you are forgiven for anything….anything except this!


Handyman figure in comparison to the GoW3 Epic Edition


Makes the term “get your finger out” even better to use!

We remember when the kinect was releases and the fact that you could shout orders at your squad mates in mass effect was such a cool feature. But now it seems that the WiiU will be adding more awesome features to their edition of Mass Effect.

The trailer below shows that you can now send allies to a certain part of the map to give covering fire straight from the controllers touch pad, it also shows us that the graphics still seem to be as epic as ever, this game alone would be a perfectly valid reason for buying a WiiU and I think that’s going to be our excuse too!

Adam Waugh.


Rockets have just announced that they will release a secondary trailer for GTA V in just under a fortnight. 

This is a welcome break after a very long stretch of no information, only just a quick screening of the game to the press in October, which sadly we couldnt attend (maybe one day!) However we should get some news about the screening sometime this week.

Rockstar seems to be very excited about this new addition to the series and plan to make it the best GTA so far claiming that they will use everything they’ve learned about open world game mechanics to make it that much more enjoyable!

So keep your eyes peeled for the trailer here on November 14th, hopefully you won’t be too busy playing Black Ops 2!

Adam Waugh