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It seems as thought the eagerly awaited Assassins Creed movie has been delayed until August 2015 according to a statement made by Fox to the Hollywood Reporter.

We all knew that Micheal Fassbender was taking up the role of the Assassin but which one is the question that keeps coming to my mind, who would he be best to portray? (more…)


Just when you thought you’ve seen it all something like this just pops up out of the woodwork! Seriously though I thought they went a little too far with Killer Condoms but now it seems that they are pushing the boundaries of stupid even more with this new teaser trailer for Squirrels!

All the Eco-activists out there will love this film as the plot synopsis tells us that the squirrels are pissed off because they cannot get any food due to the environmental destruction caused by a chemical company setting up in the city. (more…)

Horror legend Clive Barker is on the minds of many horror fans tonight as The Forum in Darlington are set to be shocked and awed by the cult classic that is NightBreed as part of the Darlington Art’s Festival, this newly restored film will be shown at 8pm tonight and I highly urge any fans of horror in the Darlington area to check it out. There will also be a Q&A session afterwards with 3 stars of the film Hugh Ross, Simon Banford and Nicholas Vince. (more…)

The official trailer for new zombie flick World War Z was uploaded to Youtube 20 hours ago and has already passed the one million views mark, and honestly that no surprise.

After watching the trailer we here at Akroview are highly anticipating the release of this zombifest! But what we would really like to see is how Brad Pitt handles himself as the main antagonist, maybe if he uses some of the tricks he learnt killing Nazi’s in Inglorious Basterds then we’re in for a hell of a ride.

Wait a minute…first he kills Nazis, now he’s killing zombies! Could the next Brad Pitt film be…dare we say it…NAZI ZOMBIES! We’re looking at you Treyarch!

Anyway check out the trailer below and see what you make of it, we think its awesome!