What is an “Akroview”?!

Taken by Adam Jay of Superhero Photography.

Taken by Adam Jay of Superhero Photography.

Well let me start by introducing myself, my name is Adam and I like to play games and watch films, who doesn’t! Well what makes me different is that not only do I watch them, I also write about them. And what you are looking at now is my medium for that. I currently have 2 awards in the field of journalism, a Fetac Level 5 Certificate in Journalism and PR and a Higher National Diploma in Media (Journalism), both of which took me three years of soul crushing work to achieve!

Akroview as a name came from when I was younger and when I was interested in “Urban Calligraphy” I used to go under the alias of Akro, which is Greek for the word “extreme”, when i got into writing and reviewing I wanted to set up a website but I had no idea what to call it. My dad actually came up with the name when he said, “Well your “name” is Akro and it’s your opinion, or your view, so why don’t you call it “Akroview?!”” And thus Akroview was born!

So don’t spend your time here, there’s a whole cavalcade of reviews and posts waiting to be read and scrutinized by you, so go, read, enjoy and I hope everything is to your liking! I also have a Facebook Page and Twitter which you can like and follow over on the left! (Bottom of page if you’re on a mobile device!)


*I should also mention I am a certified Zombie Killer, as you can see from the photo above, if you want to get in contact with me or the Zero team do so on our FB Page here!

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