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Kingdom Hearts fans rejoice, the time.has finally come where we can bridge the gap between the second second Kingdom Hearts and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, and we’ve just been given a ton of new screenshots and info to pass on to you!



Maybe some of you out there have had trouble with your Tritton AX 720 or the 7.1 surround sound headset. Well I put a little video together to hopefully iron out one of the major down points of this truly great headset! (more…)


Forums have been spammed with players complaining about serious freezing whilst playing in multiplayer matches, well Activision have released a patch to tackle  the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 system lock-ups some were experiencing on PlayStation 3.

Activision have stated that they are fully aware that people have been experiencing freezes even after they installed the patch and that they “are doing everything we can to get to the bottom of it as quickly as possible”.

To install the patch simply boot up Black Ops 2 and sign in to play online. It’ll sort itself out automatically. Simples!

Let use know how you got on by using the comment section either on this page or on our Facebook page.

Adam Waugh

Makes the term “get your finger out” even better to use!

We remember when the kinect was releases and the fact that you could shout orders at your squad mates in mass effect was such a cool feature. But now it seems that the WiiU will be adding more awesome features to their edition of Mass Effect.

The trailer below shows that you can now send allies to a certain part of the map to give covering fire straight from the controllers touch pad, it also shows us that the graphics still seem to be as epic as ever, this game alone would be a perfectly valid reason for buying a WiiU and I think that’s going to be our excuse too!

Adam Waugh.



Far Cry 3 has been highly anticipated over the summer but sadly it was pushed back by the publisher some three months! But now they seem to be set for a November 30th release!