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People seem to be very excited with the vague attempt to raise hopes about an upcoming remake to the Xbox’s most popular franchise. According to a picture posted up on the Mexican Xbox twitter it seems to suggest that Halo 2 might be remade and announced at E3 next week. (more…)

So Call of Duty: Ghosts is gonna be an estimated 40gb install when it released on the next gen consoles, whilst this seems to be the norm and doesnt deserve any adjective to really emphasis the size of the install then it’s quite the surprising to think that Fallout 2 had an option for a HUMONGOUS INSTALL!!!! (more…)


A massive title update for the ps3 was released yesterday fixing a host of problems ranging from gameplay mechanics to nerfing the ridiculous range of the SMG hipfire!

Here is the full list of notes courtesy of (more…)


Forums have been spammed with players complaining about serious freezing whilst playing in multiplayer matches, well Activision have released a patch to tackle  the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 system lock-ups some were experiencing on PlayStation 3.

Activision have stated that they are fully aware that people have been experiencing freezes even after they installed the patch and that they “are doing everything we can to get to the bottom of it as quickly as possible”.

To install the patch simply boot up Black Ops 2 and sign in to play online. It’ll sort itself out automatically. Simples!

Let use know how you got on by using the comment section either on this page or on our Facebook page.

Adam Waugh


Anybody the preorders their copy of Scribblenauts Unlimited will be delighted to find out that not only will they be getting a great PC  game when it is released but also a “Cockfighter”!

Now those of you with rude minds may be giggling but it’s just a hat!


Annouced on the official Scribblenauts twitter profile, ‘The Cockfighter’ can be worn by all classes and will be available in both rooster red and poultry pink.

(See what I did there?!)

Adam Waugh.


So I got the prestige edition of Black Ops 2 and decided to give the MQ-27 a try, with little success as the video above shows!

I am getting better, photos are down below and quick review coming soon, and by soon I mean tomorrow!


The behemoth of a carepackage!


The MQ-27 in all it’s quadrotory glory!


Special MQ-27 coin, with download code on the back.


Black Ops 2 logo collector coin, no downloadable content on this coin sadly!

And finally!


One big happy Care Package family!

Adam Waugh!