Xbox Mexico Tweet hints a Halo 2 Remake This Year

Posted: June 4, 2014 in Gaming, Gaming News
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People seem to be very excited with the vague attempt to raise hopes about an upcoming remake to the Xbox’s most popular franchise. According to a picture posted up on the Mexican Xbox twitter it seems to suggest that Halo 2 might be remade and announced at E3 next week.

The image, which was spotted on NeoGAF by members, seems to show both the single player screenshots and also multiplayer screenshots, both dating back to E3 2003 and E3 2004.

This also has the little text in the corner which reads “Rumbo a #XboxE3” which loosely translated means Bound for E3. (Although this could be wrong.)


Many forum members and staff from other websites seem to believe that this could the a new remake of the legendary sequel mainly because this year marks the tenth anniversary of it’s debut on the original Xbox Console. All this suspicions were indeed true when a whistleblower from NeoGAF leaked info to say that there will be a remake coming in November of 2014!

Also according to some posts that I have scoured the web for seem to believe that not only do you get the remade and revamped Halo 2 but also a beta code for Destiny and access to a new live action show, I presume something similar to that of 2012’s Forward Unto Dawn series.


A very exciting time for Bungie and Halo fans, but wait there’s more! The remake for Halo 2 will be a part of a collection which is to be released before Halo 5, which was confirmed to be released in 2015. This collection, titled Halo: The Master Chief Collection, will tell the story of Spartan 117 and tie up all loose ends before he starts his next big adventure in 2015.

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