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So I got the prestige edition of Black Ops 2 and decided to give the MQ-27 a try, with little success as the video above shows!

I am getting better, photos are down below and quick review coming soon, and by soon I mean tomorrow!


The behemoth of a carepackage!


The MQ-27 in all it’s quadrotory glory!


Special MQ-27 coin, with download code on the back.


Black Ops 2 logo collector coin, no downloadable content on this coin sadly!

And finally!


One big happy Care Package family!

Adam Waugh!


So I bought Medal of Honor Warfighter yesterday and it seems to have a few little kinks to iron out. One of which happened to me, as you can see from the image above the sniper is invisible apart from the stock, I think!

Strangely enough I actually got the highest killstreak possible with this but it was still quite annoying!

If you have any glitches or bug reports send them to @medalofhonor on the Twitter, and they can get working on a fix!

Adam Waugh.