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CVG have revealed an invitation that contains details of an event happening next week where there will be some “exciting announcements” about the future of Gran Turismo. Could this mean the announcement of Gran Turismo 6? It is in connection with the 15th Anniversary of the series so it could be something pretty darn big! Originally posted on NEOGaf this image (Below) has spread throughout the internet causing waves of curiosity and endless questions, but all will be revealed on May 15th!

Listen to Episode 2 of AkroFM to find out more. (more…)


Good evening and welcome to the first episode of AkroFM an audio segment of the blog which we talk about various events and news that been happening in the digital and polygon world, but this time it is a real case scenario, and its quite shocking, click below to give it a listen!



Looks like Medal of Honor developer Danger Close has confirmed that Warfighter is getting a nice little Christmas update for  next week with some rather big changes.

The update, coming on the 17th for PC and the 18th for the PS3 and 360 fixes more issues than Santa has presents, it’s aim is to make the game look better and also quicken up the wait time in between matches. Have a gander yourself at the details provides by the helpful elves at Gameinformer! (more…)


What are you doing reading this! Click this link to be taken to the Xbox Marketplace and download the new DLC for a rather snazzy 1600 Microsoft points! (more…)


Shoot many robots, does exactly what it says on the tin pretty much. Your main objective in this arcade title is to simply shoot the living hell out of a mass of robots. It may sound boring and generic but trust me; it gets pretty fun after a while.

So let’s start with the story, it’s the basic and rather stereotypical tale of a lonely redneck, P. Walter Tugnut (the P stands for Pickles, but don’t call him that,) that has his entire life based in his trailer, and his life consists mainly of beer and a ton of guns. Then the robots came and took all that from him, now it is your job to aid our protagonist in a journey to get back his beloved trailer and also destroy them robots in the process. (more…)