London Horror Comic #6 Review

Posted: October 2, 2014 in Comics and Cosplay
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So I decided to attend the D.I.C.E convention out in Dundrum Centre over the weekend and I did exactly what I said I wouldn’t, I spent a lot of money on comics! And one of the comics that I was looking to pick up was London Horror Comic by the twisted and amazing mind of John-Paul Kamath. I first was introduced to LHC last year at the same convention and I think I fell in love, the stories that we’re told in the comic we’re very,very original. Sometimes even eye brow raising and curious, but that’s what this anthology brings to the market.

The stories were written by John-Paul Kamath and the art, which I will touch on in a bit, was done in a dual effort by Lee Ferguson and Dean Kotz. The first thing that you notice from LHC is the superb quality in the pages and the covers, both are very polished and up to a very high standard, and I suppose it’s only necessary to have quality work printed on quality paper. The art inside is amazing, a very good blend on dark shadows and gritty colours, provided by Hi-Fi Designs. LHC does have its own specific style and art that even if you took all headers and text from the cover you could easily recognise it as a LHC comic!

The stories in issue 6 are very, very cool. And some are downright disturbing to read if I’m perfectly honest, but that’s not a bad thing. Issue 6 contains “I Saw the Beast” and “Ring of Fire” among others, I don’t want to spoil the whole issue so I just want to touch on the two stories mentioned.


“I Saw the Beast” is the premier story of the issue and sets the tone pretty damn well, when you read it you will be hit with a feeling of, this book does not give a damn. The story itself is so simple, a man having a bad day, but leave it to John-Paul to put that LHC twist to it, a very simple story, with a truly relatable plot and a very disturbing ending, the art is great, the dark and dull shadows really brings the atmosphere of the main characters depression and helps build the tension to the dramatic and shocking ending. Once again it’s something that we all would think of doing (maybe not in the excessive style of the story, but that urge to lash out at something that truly annoys you.) Very promising opening and definitely sets the mood for the remaining 3 stories.

“Ring of Fire” is the final story in the anthology and I really do love this story, although it is kind of predictable if you are a fan of the devils work when it comes to wishes, or if you’re a fan of the Twisted Metal series on the Playstation. This was kind of a disappointment at first as I kind of predicated how the story would end, until I turned the page and seen the final page, that kind of blew my mind. Although I was about 70% right with my prediction, that remaining 30% was the cherry on the sick and twisted cake that is LHC! Very clever little twist which left me, the reader, not only thinking of what had happened in the past life of the woman in question, but also what the hell is going to happen to the woman. The thought even after reading is a sick experience, and I presume that’s what John-Paul was hoping for!

Without spoiling the other two stories in the issue I will end this by saying that if you are a fan of horror that is slightly more dark but has its own little sense of humour then this is definitely the anthology for you. A very cool take on the genre with great art that represents the stories very well, and short stories that leave a mark on the reader even after reading. You can pick up your copy over on their website and also ask your local comic shop to put this on your order list, since it is an anthology you can jump in at anytime and not miss out on the amazingly sinister humour and disturbingly awesome stories!


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