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After playing Assassins Creed 3 for a while I noticed a lot of little glitches and bugs, none that seem to hazardous to the player. It seems as though it’s little sister, Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation is suffering from the same faith, but with slightly hazardous results!

The bug seems to affect the games save and apparently is unable to load any of the players data! Reports have come out though that the big will be fixed in the latest patch.

Some of the vita players suggest that it is due to a specific costume that messes with the coding and thus leaves the player either unable to load the game save or stuck in the limbo known as the animus.

The folks over at have reported that:

“One Ubisoft UK forum manager told affected players: “I have passed on the info about outfits – it’s vital people contact ubisoft support as well though – they need to be made aware of what happens to recreate the bug and the amount of players it’s affecting – that way they can push the issue up the chain.””

Adam Waugh