Lindemann – Praise Abort single Review

Posted: May 30, 2015 in Music
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So those that know me personally know how much I love Rammstein. It’s almost become a tad worrying for some of them and it’s actually got them to believe that I am actually fluent German, even though I only know whatever words that were in Rammstein’s songs. And trust me, they are not your everyday conversation phrases! But now while Rammstein is on a break, lead singer Till Lindemann has joined up with Peter Tagtgren to produce his new project “Lindemann.” Their first single is out and this is what I thought of it!

Till has a background steeped in poetry, his father was a poet and Till himself has written his own book of poems “In Stillen Nacthen”, and what some people may not realise is that he expresses these poems through Rammstein, although a lot of people outside of Germany never copped this because of the language barrier. They just heard the words and music and thought “Wow, this is awesome!” But Till didn’t really like this, he wanted to do something different and to make a song solely in English.

This he did for two reasons, one was so that he could get his poetry understood by a wider audience and also so that he can make “Lindemann” stand out and not be confused with Rammstein songs. While we only have one full song, which I shall touch on now, and a few snippets of others, I can’t really say he accomplished the second goal.

Praise Abort is very complex, or then again maybe it isn’t, thats the tough thing about poetry and art, it can be taken and perceived in so many ways. But to me, it’s a complex song at the base. It’s basically a song about a person (not sure if they’re man or woman at this point) who seriously hates their life and hates everything about the kids they have, they are taking all their money, yet all their friends are living it up in big mansions and fancy cars, this leads them to do something they would never think of doing and that’s to “Praise Abort.”


The song itself is actually pretty good. I like it. The introduction sets up what you’re in for. Till’s baritone voice stating that he “likes to fuck, but no French letter”, you know you’re in for a treat. But then we are hit with this strange upbeat almost pop like rhythm that really doesn’t sound like anything you’d associate Till and Rammstein with.

Does this mean success for Till’s plan then?! Not really.

As soon as he starts singing and the guitar kicks in, it immediately sounds like a Rammstein song. Till and Pete need to change a lot of stuff if they want to make the difference in the two bands, as an old saying goes though, you can take the Till out of Rammstein but you can never take the Rammstein out of the Till.

That doesn’t take away from the song though, not at all. At this stage I’m very happy with the song and have already memorized the entire thing (it’s a lot easier when the lyrics are in English for once!) But before some people jump at me and say about Till singing in English is new and that’s what makes the bands different, not quite! Till has sung in English in Rammstein twice before, “Pussy” and their cover of “Stripped” by Depeche Mode. Listen to them and then let me know what you guys think.

One thing I have noticed about this new venture is that the lyrics are so simple, and by that I mean he uses simple words to convey his feelings, for example, the first two lines “I have six kids, and I don’t like it” simple yes? People have already bashed the lyrics to this single, but the funny thing is, Rammstein’s lyrics are just the same when you really look into it, it’s because you can actually understand it now that it feels so weird. Plus, neither of the writers are fluent English so give them a little break.


Usually at this stage I’d talk about the video, but I’ll be honest, I have no words. It’s both perfect and disturbing. I really don’t know how to interpret it, I’m never that good at interpreting videos and music. But if they are using this to set the scene for future “Lindemann” songs then I’m terrified (and curiously excited) about the videos for “Golden Shower” and “Ladyboy!” The video for Praise Abort is an experience and somehow fits the song rather well, it’s dark and disgusting then contrasted with the white stage and bright performance by the ballet dancing servants of Till!

Last point to why I love this video and song, Till moonwalks at the start. That’s all you need to make a great video, if someone makes a gif of that I’ll Praise GIF!

In the end, great song and a nice way to start the project. Is it different from Rammstein? Not really. The video is disturbing and may turn you off pigs for a while, but definitely check it out. All can be found at

Adam Waugh.

  1. GRX says:

    English lyrics are also in America and english versions of Du Hast (a very bad version) and Engel (even worse imo). There’s also a lot of english in Stirb Nicht Vor Mir (Don’t Die Before I Do). Check out country cover of Mein Land, pretty awesome 🙂

    • Akroview says:

      Oh Yeah, I forgot about the Du Hast version, and I actually didn’t know about Engel! But wasn’t there only a woman singing in English in Stirb Nicht Vor Mir?

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