Deemo Review (Android)

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Gaming, Gaming Reviews
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We here at Akroview try to be diverse in the games that we play, it can be boring being tied down to a specific genre. So I decided to hunt down some games that don’t really fit in with the usual norm that is the current landscape, and I stumbled upon possibly one of the most beautiful rhythm games that I have played so far, Deemo!

Deemo is a very simple game but with a very complex story, I’m still not 100% in it but this is what I’ve gathered so far. Deemo is a slendermanesque figure who is destined to a life of solitude and loneliness, with his only companion being an old piano to which he makes the most beautiful music! Then all of a sudden, a young girl falls from the sky beside Deemo, not knowing what to do with this new-found companion. He decides to help the girl get back to wherever she came from. Whenever the piano is played a tree starts to grow from the top of it, and by playing songs on the piano maybe he can send the girl back home!

One of the most striking things about Deemo is it’s art style, while slightly dark with little hints of anime popping out here and there, it still has a beautiful character to it. It’s hard to described, from what looks to be a very dark art style it is fascinating to see the bright colours blasting out from the contrasting backgrounds. Think of it like Tim Burton but with a Crayola Colouring Box! Gothic, but still beautiful.

One thing that I didn’t notice until recently was that there is a hidden staircase to the left of the screen where we meet a frail old woman in a mini library. Not only did this give me a whole new outlook on the art style of Deemo but it also lets you purchase even more wonderful songs from the Play Store. Although I was taken a bit by surprise when I seen the asking price I thought to myself, for the quality of the songs and the gameplay it is definitely a small price to pay!

But let’s not dwell on the visual style, although it is mesmerizing and just down right gorgeous to look at, it’s the audio and the music that really makes Deemo stand out from the rest of the generic rhythm games. Whilst others will more than likely feature the latest pop songs or hip hop beats Deemo aims at the more classical music lover, I would say more sophisticated but I don’t want to be offensive. I myself am a lover of both styles. one of the major things about Deemo that in one way could make it seem like the most serene rhythm game on the market, or it could be the worst rhythm game on the market, would be the music. It’s just too damn good, there have been multiple cases where I find myself calmly tapping away at the imaginary piano keys when all of a sudden I get so entranced by the music that the streak i was on is just shattered into nothingness!

There is not a lot to this game, it is simple but challenging, dark but beautiful and features one of the best soundtracks to an android game that I have seen so far. A truly unique look at the rhythm game genre and a definite must buy for any fans of games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band or if you just like to wind down after a hard day, simply sit back, put on your headphones and listen to the sensual sounds of V.K’s Wings of piano (which is linked below.) Deemo is by far one of my favourite games and definitely deserve more awareness and publicity.

Deemo – 5/5, 10/10. Just amazing!

Get it here on android! (FREE!!)

Get it here on iOs! (€1.79)

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