Dublin Comic Con 2013 Aritcle Opinions

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Comics and Cosplay, Lost in the Nether
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So after DCC13 there seemed to be some article that didn’t show the con in the best of ways and started to twist the perspective of some of the attendees and made them seem like freaks and social weirdos, here’s what I had to say about this matter.

I apologize if I seem a tad cranky in this video but when it conmes to matters like this i do tend to get a little cranky, i don’t think it’s fair to label people who go to cons as freaks and socially awkward, and it brings me back to a video i was recommended to view from a guy at the con. The Escapist did a brilliant video on how people who are “normal” view nerds and geeks but in actual fact can be more geeky and nerdy than some of us can ever be. Please check out both videos and if you would like to comment do so on here or on my Facebook page. (links will be on the left on desktop and on the bottom from a mobile!)


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