CES 2013: Microsoft Announce “IllumiRoom”

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Gaming, Gaming News, Technology
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Now you may be wondering why I placed a poster for Gamer as the main picture for this piece but from what Microsoft have announced we may be one step closer to what this game entails.. and I don’t mean controlling real people in wars because that’s just crazy and wrong!

What I am talking about though is the walk-in gaming room that Simon Silverton owns with projections of different games,websites and other forms of media. We’ll maybe not everything in the room but some!

Microsoft have announced their new toy called ‘IllumiRoom”, which expands the borders of your TV to the walls of your room by utilizing the Kinect’s sensor and a projector.

Although a promo video was shown at CES Microsoft was very specific in saying that all of it was shot live and with no editing whatsoever!

There hasn’t been a lot of information behind when it will be released and whether or not it will be on the current Xbox or later generations, Microsoft may be revealing more in April in the ACM SIGCHI in Paris.


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