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For years I have been fascinated at gaming tournaments all over the globe,  but one thing that always confused me was that it is actually classed as a sport! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on it being called a sport, if anything it can require more skill and concentration to kick a ball of rubber around a patch of grass. But still that has more of an appeal for the majority of people nowadays!

I remember years ago there was a new show on Sky 1 here in Ireland and it’s soul purpose was to show off some mini gaming tournaments with local people joining as a team to battle in a vast array of popular titles and it was awesome! It aired on Christmas Eve of I remember correctly, the only reason I remember that was because I ran out of the room to watch it in the kitchen and felt kind of awkward because everyone was inside playing a board game while I was out in the kitchen screaming at a stranger for missing a combo in Soul Caliber! (more…)


Probably one of the hardest con write ups I’ll ever have to do mainly because of the alleged stigma attached to MCM and their handling of the con scene in Ireland. Although I have no solid evidence to back this up it’s been heard through the grapevine that MCM Ireland would be a con to avoid and to save your money for some of the other conventions that will be happening throughout the year. Personally I don’t believe this and I find that all conventions seem to be the same, they have the same vendors, same atmosphere and the same goal. But this con just seemed a tad different in my opinion.