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So I bought Medal of Honor Warfighter yesterday and it seems to have a few little kinks to iron out. One of which happened to me, as you can see from the image above the sniper is invisible apart from the stock, I think!

Strangely enough I actually got the highest killstreak possible with this but it was still quite annoying!

If you have any glitches or bug reports send them to @medalofhonor on the Twitter, and they can get working on a fix!

Adam Waugh.

GTA V Possible Release Date?!!

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Gaming, Gaming News


Well looky what we have here!

It seems as though we have a suspected release date for Grand Theft Auto V (That’s 5 in Roman Numerals, not the letter V!)

ImageLeaked Poster from GTA V Fan Site GTA-Five.PL

A leaked image of a European poster suggests that GTA will be releasing somewhere in the Spring 2013 region. Also one thing that the lovely folk over IGN have spotted is that the platform logos are missing a certain console!

“It’s also worth pointing out that the only system/publisher logos on the poster are for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It appears as though – for now – there are no plans for Wii U.”

Keep an eye here for some more GTA V details that should be popping up in the month of November.

Howdy Ho!

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Lost in the Nether

Banner for now

So you like gaming do you…you like to know what’s what in the digital world eh?! Maybe if we throw in a couple of retro reviews? Would fill that empty void in your life?

Hopefully the answer to all them is YES!! If not please click on this link to be directed to a picture of a cat for your amusement. Enjoy!

What will you be most likely to see on this page, well you will be greeted by some opinions both by myself and other reviewers and gaming reporters on some of the hottest topics in the gaming world.

We may make the jump to the film industry and maybe even a quick glance at the tech side of things, but the primary focus will be on gaming!

For those of you, who are interested feel free to add this to your bookmarks, follow me on twitter @Sandman2326 and maybe even check out my gaming videos on YouTube, You’re spoilt for choice!!

Slan go Fóill, TuRa, See ya later guys!

Adam Waugh.